Help Our Planet Survive

HOPS= Help Our Planet Survive

We chose the name Hops together as everything we get up to is in line with the world environment plans, as well as joining the community together, in helping each other, relieving stress, helping mental health, healthy living and reducing isolation.

Growing Zone free Community Orchard and allotment

We have a new tree nursery with a free fruit for all orchard. The Land has been allocated by the Allotment Federation and the work to create this haven has been done by Growing Zone youngsters, schools and corporate work groups. The funding for this has been raised by the kind people of Kippax, through the Kippax Co-op Community’s Scheme.

This area provides various fruit trees for our community. It is also a place of environmental interest and learning for school and evening groups. As it is in an enclosed space it provided an ideal space for stargazing at night.

This Orchard is a meeting area with seating and a caravan for refreshments, where people can:

  • Pick Fruit for free on certain days which will be advertised locally.
  • Any surplus fruit will be distributed to Schools, Churches, are centres and food kitchens.
  • This is also in line with saving the planet
  • This creates interest with insects etc.
  • This is an educational area.
  • It supports healthy eating and sharing of recipes etc.

Our intention is to plant as many fruit trees and hedges locally to encourage more wild life across our region, to not only support the community but to be involved with the environment through the Queen’s Green Canopy. A number of trees have been planted in remembrance of loved ones and offers a peaceful place for people to remember and reflect. HOPS also recently taken another piece of land to provide free fresh veg for those who need it.

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